Bobby was born in Oldham and was in the business as a child.  As he got older he thought he should get a "proper job" and so that's exactly what he did. He went to work in a factory to work as a welder and it was here that he met his future partner, Thomas Derbyshire.

Bob did some singing on the weekends and asked Tom if he would like to go with him one weekend.  From there the act developed gradually.

By this time Bob had two sons Robert and Darren from his first marriage to Joan which ended in 1968.  He then married Yvonne in 1971 and to complete the family, their daughter Joanne was born.  Robert and Darren also have their own comedy/musical duo and work all over the country.  Their own website can be seen here.

By the end of the seventies they had toured the pubs and clubs enough to be in the right place at the right time to end up with their own TV Series.
From then on, the sky was their limit, success followed and everyone in the country knew who Cannon and Ball were.  They were living the high life.

By 1985 Bob was seeing parts of himself that he didn't like very much.  Whilst starring in pantomime in Bradford, he spoke to the theatre chaplain, Max Wrigley about his life and his worries.  He told Max that he felt as though he had everything, yet had nothing.  He felt empty inside.  As much as he had never seemed like enough, he was drinking heavily, spending a lot of time with different women and getting into a lot of fights.  Basically, he knew that he wasn't a very nice person to be around and he felt dirty.

Max spoke to him, talked his worries through and passed on some reading material.  Bobby read a copy of Journey Into Life, he prayed and decided that this was the path for him.  He realised that what was said and what he read made sense to him and decided to give his life over to Jesus and became a Christian.  People around Bob at the time thought that this was a passing fad and that it would pass but Bob proved them wrong and stuck fast with his faith.  To this day it is something very important to him.

Bobby now takes 4 months out of his schedule every year to tour with a gospel show and speak at various venues to spread the word.  Bobby doesn't believe in preaching to those who have no interest, everyone has their own opinions on such matters but is happy to discuss his own experiences with those who want to listen.  If you would like Bobby to speak at your church/venue, please contact him by e-mail letting him know what you would like by using the form on this website.

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