May 2013

3rd - Just a quick reminder that this Summer's shows in Blackpool are going to be amazing guys, good old, high production, whistles and bells . .  you won't have seen anything like this for a long time.  Be sure to come over to Blackpool and visit us between July 23rd and 7th September.

April 2013

20th - I've added the show dates for coming year, or as many as we have confirmed at the moment, to the Appearances page here on the website today.

Have a quick browse, see if there's anything that takes your fancy. It would be lovely to see you all out there at some point.

19th - I am popping up on your screens again tonight, on BBC1 this time. If you have a peep, you'll see me playing Lee Mack's Dad again in Not Going Out. I hope you'll enjoy the show.

10th - This week sees me back on TV screens with a vengeance.

After appearing on The BBC One Show I'm back again on Friday 12th April on ITV's This Morning, a nice early appearance to look forward to.  This will see me talking about The Security Men, the how I shall be seen in that evening.


I know you'll all be watching and supporting as you always do. 
Thank you.

Click here to find out more about The Security Men.

Click here for a nice little interview with me!



Panto is going well. Tommy and I are having a fantastic time. Panto is always fun and we always enjoy seeing familiar faces in the audience. Hope to see many more of you there soon.  Wishing you all the happiest Christmas.

*18th - Check out this radio interview where I talk about my upcoming appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. 

BBC Lincolnshire Interview Clip.


15th - I can be seen on Casualty this evening at 9.15 on BBC1. Tune in to see me in a Santa costume once again.

The episode can be seen here: BBC iPlayer. Casualty  Series 27 - Episode 16. I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus.



*1st - The first of the new dates for the year are now on the appearances page - please check them out!


*16th - Today sees the start of Tommy and I appearing on Celebrity Coach Trip.  We filmed this last year and we had a fantastic time.

We have a running Coach Trip Travel Log which will be updated each night and appears over on the Cannon and Ball website.  Click here to be magically transported over there to catch up on what's been going on.

The show can be seen on Channel 4 at 5pm each week day for the next couple of weeks.  I hope you all enjoy it!

Happy New Year!
May I wish each and every one of you a cracking 2012.
I hope for everyone that it will be a year full of good things.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year when it rolls around.  May 2012 be everything you wish it to be.

Hope to see some of you at panto over the coming weeks, it's a fab show and we are enjoying being Ugly Sisters more than you could imagine, we are having a ball.

For anyone interested, I now have a live Facebook profile once again.  I can be found over there at www.facebook.com/Bobby.Ball.2012 - drop by and say hello.


There are different opportunities this month to catch a glimpse of Tommy and myself on TV.

Monday 22nd August sees us both on a panel of judges in front of up and coming comedians on Show Me The Funny on ITV.  This can be seen at 9pm on that date.

Weds 24th August, rather than the previously given date of 21st, seems to be the date that Mount Pleasant can finally be seen on Sky One.  I hope you will all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


* 28th - My Facebook profile has disappeared.  Don't know quite why at the minute, it is being looked into but is going to take some time to get sorted so please be patient and I will be back as soon as I possibly can.  There is always the fan page still running and so please do call over there and say hello!  You can find the Facebook Fan Page here.


* 15th - I will be calling in for a chat on the Cannon and Ball website tonight if anyone fancies dropping by for a while.  Join us about 8pm over at www.cannonandball.com  Will be good to have you with us.

* 10th - This weekend, you can see Boys In Blue on the TV.  ITV4 are showing it on Sunday 12th June at 12.20.  If you watch, I hope you enjoy, it's been a long time since a lot of people saw it, ah, the memories!

* 4th - The dates in the appearances section of this website and also the dates listings on cannonandball.com have been updated today to show all of the dates that myself or myself and Tommy can be found for the rest of the year.  Hope you can join us somewhere along the way.


* 25th - Just so you know, the trailers for Mount Pleasant are to start being shown across various Sky Channels this weekend so I hope you see something you like.  Also, for all asking, the show can be seen from August the 21st this year on Sky One.  It's been a pleasure to work on, it's a cracking show and I hope you all enjoy it.

* 12th - Here is a link that you can click to listen to the interview I did with Dana if you missed it last week.  Hope you enjoy.  Listen Now.

* 5th - There is an upcoming interview with me speaking to Dana on her radio show, Dana and Friends, being broadcast on Sunday 8th May at 7pm on Premier Christian Radio if anyone would like to have a listen.  You can click here to listen live, I hope you can join us, there will also be a couple of tracks from my gospel CD being played too, would be nice to have you with us.


* 7th - Hi everyone, can now tell you about another of the projects that I have been working on.  I have been involved with filming a pilot for another show written by the fabulous Caroline Aherne who was behind The Fattest Man In Britain.

The pilot is for a show called The Security Men and I play alongside people such as Brendan O'Carroll, Paddy McGuinness and Dean Andrews.  Fantastic people!  You can see more details by
clicking here.


* 26th - This site now has some of our dates for the year up on the appearances page.  There are plenty more to come, so keep checking on where you can find us, they will continue to be added as they are confirmed.

* 8th - Today, I can tell you that I have been involved in the making of a brand new 8 part comedy series, Mount Pleasant, with lots of people you will recognise.

Mount Pleasant

The show follows Lisa and her family.  A normal, everyday family, living in Manchester.  I am playing Barry, Lisa's Dad.  There are lots of actors you will know in the series, as you can see just from the photo here, Pauline Collins, Sally Lindsay and Daniel Ryan. 

The show is scheduled to be shown on Sky One in the Autumn.  It's great to be working with so many fantastic, talented people, I hope you will all enjoy it when it is shown.

Click here to read about Mount Pleasant


* 10th - You can see me tonight on TV should you so wish.  I will be turning up as Lee's Dad again in Not Going Out on BBC1 at 9.30 pm.

* 9th - Amazon hare now advertising the forthcoming DVD release from Network DVD, The Complete Second Series of The Cannon and Ball Show.  It can be pre-ordered by clicking here.  Looking forward to it.

* 7th - If you watch BBC1's Not Going Out, you may notice me popping up this Thursday, the 10th Feb.  I will be appearing on the show for the second time, it's a fabulous show, loads of fun to make and hopefully, you will all enjoy watching it.

... It's 2011 ...

January 2011

* HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, hope the year ahead is a cracker for each and every one of you.  Keep it here to find out what I am up to over the months. 

December 2010:

* We all know what December brings don't we?
   Oh yes we do!!! Yeah, that's enough of that!  Haha!

Our panto this year is in Lincoln again and we are doing Aladdin, get yourselves along to the Theatre Royal there sometime between mid December and mid January.  We always are very thankful of the support we get in panto each year, and appreciate that a lot of you travel a very long way to see us so thanks all, hope you enjoy it!

November 2010:

* We are finishing up our dates from October on Halloween in Rotherham and then moving straight on to the Laff Me A Laugh Tour with my sons, Rob and Darren, The Harper Brothers at various venues.  You can find the lads over at www.harperbrothersonline.com I hope you get to one of the shows as we all really enjoy working together and they are some of our favourite shows to perform.

We then have a few more gospel shows to bring to you all over the UK.  We will be in Scotland and Northern Ireland very soon, hope you manage to pop along and say hello.  Will be good to see you.

October 2010:

* This month sees us taking on a variety of things.  The year is flying past.  This month we are doing some Rock On Tommy, Festival of Comedy dates across the country as well as some more gospel dates.  We will then be preparing to go out in November on a Laff Me A Laff tour with Rob and Darren at various venues.

September 2010:

* We have a lot of plans at the moment.  We are getting ready to go out doing the gospel shows and also rehearsing and getting ready for the Autumn tour dates, always something to be done!

August 2010:

* 23rd - At long last, the time has come that a lot of people have been waiting for.  Today sees the release of The Cannon and Ball Show, Series One being released onto DVD.  We are asked all the time whether our shows will be available to buy and now, they are!  They can be picked up online at most DVD retailers.  They can be bought straight from the production company at www.networkkdvd.net

* 21st - Our Cannon and Ball website, over at www.cannonandball.com turned two years old today.  As you will all know, we have been online for many years but the Rock On Bob n Tom website as we know it, has been up and running for the past two years and is still growing all the time.  If you haven't visited yet, there's plenty to see, go on over and have a look about.

* 4th - We popped up in the papers today.  Have a quick click to see why we were there.

* 3rd - Tommy and I appeared on Loose Women today.  Lots of fun, a good laugh as usual.  Hope you managed to catch it.  If not, here is a link to catch it before they change the link to something else. 

July 2010:

* 28th - First of our Summer Shows tonight, went really well.  Excited now for the rest of the tour.  Hoping that you all enjoy seeing them as much as we are going to enjoy performing them for you.

Want to see what we have in store for you?  Have a sneaky peek at some photos taken on the first night, Cannon & Ball and The Blues Brothers bringing you your Summer entertainment.

* 24th - Getting ready for the Summer shows now.  Only a few days away from the start of the season.  I hope we will get to see you all somewhere along the way.  Enjoy the shows, we are very proud of them, will be lovely to see you all.

* 8th -  The DVD release of The Cannon and Ball Show mentioned last month can now be pre-ordered on play.com.  The price that Network DVD recommended for the disc was 12.99 - play.com are selling it for 8.99 so it's a good deal they have going on.  I assume other online stores will have the discs soon also but this is the first one I know about.

* 4th - Sadly, our official fan network had to close its doors today for the final time.  Due to policy changes with the hosting company, our network has had to come to an end.  I'd like to thank everyone who frequented it as they did and helped to make it the success it was.

Worry not though.  We can all stay in touch exactly as we have been doing through the official Cannon and Ball website.  The chat room and forums have moved back there, just as they were before the fan network came into existence.  Chat will still be happening on a Wednesday evening and I hope to see you there sometime soon.

June 2010:

* 11th - We can now announce that after many years of people requesting them, Network DVD will this year be releasing Series One of the Cannon and Ball Show onto DVD!

The series will be produced unedited and uncut so all of your favourite bits should still be in there as you remember them.  Release date is set for 23rd of August.  Good news!

April 2010:

2nd - Happy Easter to everyone who may read this.  I wish for you a happy and peaceful time, enjoy and don't eat too many eggs!  :-)

March 2010:

* 1st - Today I had a very welcome boost.  Mr Philip Schofield, or as he is known to many, @Schofe, mentioned that I was using Twitter and by the power of Twitter, the internet and @Schofe, my followers rose within hours from 270 to thousands!

I would like to thank @Schofe again for his mention as I know this means more than a mention, it actually validated my account as official for many and made sure that people were following the correct person, also I would like to thank everyone who has followed and tweeted me.  It's great to know that people are interested enough in what I am doing to follow.  I will have to get practicing my tweets now won't I?

February 2010:

* 28th - A new Twibbon has been created today for anyone who uses Twitter who would like to add the image to their avatar on there to show support to Bobby and Tommy for all the years they have been entertaining us.

  Simply click on the link here on the left to be taken to have your Twibbon added to your Twitter Display Picture.
All you will have to do is verify your Twitter account with your user name and password so that the image can be added and you too can sport those famous braces.  Rock On!

* 21st - News of some appearances for this week, have just posted them into the appearances section but a quick summary here for you.

Tuesday 23rd - Act Your Age - Radio4 - 18.30
Wednesday 24th - Loose Women - ITV1 - 12.30pm
Saturday 27th - All Star Mr & Mrs with Yvonne - ITV1 - 8.45pm

* 18th - A new Facebook Group was launched today to demonstrate to any production companies who may be interested, just how many of you guys have been asking about The Cannon and Ball Show being released onto DVD.  If you are one of those who have asked or would want an item such as this, please go over and join the group here.

* 15th - Appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV1 this afternoon at 5pm, I hope some of you can catch it.

* For anyone who may have missed the show when it aired, it can be seen here, probably for a limited time as with The One Show so catch it soon.

* 10th - The first of our show dates for the year went online today.  The dates shown either here on the Appearances page or on www.cannonandball.com on the Upcoming Shows page are the shows that we have confirmed at the moment.  As we confirm more, we will get the published in the same places, keep checking for updates.

* 5th - I can be seen tonight on The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm.  Would be nice to have you all join me, see you there  :-)

* The show went well, I had fun doing it, if anyone missed it or would like to see it again, it can be watched online by clicking here.

January 2010:

* 29th - Thanks again everyone for all of your birthday wishes.  I appreciate each and every one.  Here is a picture that I received online on behalf of all of my friends and fans everywhere.  Click for image.

* 28th - Today is my birthday.  I would like to thank everybody online who has taken the time and trouble to call into my websites, Facebook, any of the groups or pages or the network to send me birthday greetings.  I am always overwhelmed at the amount of affection I receive from you guys, every single message is greatly appreciated, thank you again x

December 2009:

Lots of things have been happening in December.

* It is now New Year's Eve and I just wanted to come by and wish you all a safe and enjoyable evening, however you may be celebrating.

Once midnight rolls around, have yourselves a very Happy New Year!  I hope that you all enjoy a healthy and successful twelve months and hope to be able to catch up with as many of you out there as possible at whatever dates may be ahead of us.  Have fun all x

* Thanks for all of the support I received about my acting experiences during this month.  The feedback I received about The Fattest Man In Britain and also Not Going Out has been fantastic, all very positive and has made it all very worthwhile, all much appreciated, thank you.  I will post here when I have a date for Mr & Mrs to be aired.

* We are at present rehearsing for the Pantomime, Jack and The Beanstalk in Lincoln, we open this coming Saturday, the 12th, looking forward to it.

As Christmas approaches, we are all getting busier, I hope that you are all ready for it and are looking forward to the big day.

You can catch me on the TV a few times over the next few weeks.

* I will be appearing on ITV 1 on Sunday 20th December at 9 pm in 'The Fattest Man In Britain'.  I play the agent to 'the fattest man' and hopefully you will all enjoy it.

* Before that, I will be appearing on This Morning on Monday 14th December to talk about 'The Fattest Man'.  Looking forward to that.

* I then can be seen Wednesday 23rd December on BBC1 in Not Going Out.  It's the Christmas episode and is titled, Absent Father Christmas.  I show up as Lee Mack's long lost Dad.

* I also have recorded an episode of Mr & Mrs with Yvonne.
That will be going out sometime into the New year.  As soon as I have a definite date, I will post it here.

November 2009:

November has been a busy time.

* We have done plenty of gigs and I have continued with my gospel shows, we played the Comedy festival in Darwen where we recorded some special messages for the Cannon and Ball site.

* We have turned on the Christmas Lights in Lincoln.  That was great, lots of friendly people, it was a fantastic night.

October 2009:

All change with the websites.
The ones which I and Cannon and Ball had are now closed down and the official Cannon and Ball website can now be found at www.cannonandball.com

My domain has been purchased and the idea for this site has been established.

September 2009:

Cannon and Ball now have their own fan network where anyone can join in with the fans there to communicate with all other fans and myself when I pop in from time to time.  Please call in and see what's going on, you will be more than welcome.

Drop in and say hello  http://cannonandball.ning.com - web9 - ww9